Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Ok, so I've decided to start writing this blog to document the progress of what will be my third short stop motion animation. I've decided to write a blog for two main reasons, the first is to keep me disciplined and to push me along the way and the second is because I know how useful others blogs have been to me on my quest for stop motion knowledge.

I'm beginning this blog having already begun making some elements of my characters and sets so expect to see a lot of progress photos up here in a short space of time while I catch up with all the bits and pieces I have already done!

This film 'Benched' is about two people finding each other and not letting their differences get in the way of their feelings for each other. I'll explain more about the storyline as the blog progresses but for now I'll finish with my character designs for my two lead characters, Gary and Mollie.

I hope this blog will be interesting to anybody who comes across it, not just to other stop motioners!
Feel free to ask questions, leave comments or just lurk around and keep an eye on how I'm getting along.
Thanks for reading!


Here is Gary and Mollie.

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